Led Zeppelin

In 1984, George and his guitarist Vinny T. had an incredible opportunity to visit Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England—the birthplace of Robert Plant and the resting place of Led Zeppelin's drummer, John Bonham. As they arrived, they encountered members of Led Zeppelin's crew, who guided them in the right direction, though not directly to the exact house. With a belief that destiny would guide them, they continued down the road until a friendly neighbor inquired about their search for Robert Plant's house. Pointing them in the right direction, they approached the house and were greeted by the affable Robert Plant himself. They engaged in enthusiastic conversation. 

During their meeting, Robert Plant kindly shared the location of John Bonham's grave, allowing them to pay their respects. As they reached the end of their journey, Jason Bonham, John Bonham's son, appeared and offered them a flashlight to help them find the gravestone as the sun set. 

In addition to these encounters, George and Vinny also had the chance to witness Raglin Castle, featured in a Zeppelin movie and showcased on the cover of "House of the Holy." They also visited the church depicted in the film "The Song Remains the Same," where the brown doors marked the entrance to Led Zeppelin's drummer's final resting place.

Teen Years in Astoria With Friends

The Magic Garden in Astoria

On 23rd Street in Astoria sat a young George. He would stare at the Triborough bridge, it was a magical structure. Especially at the beginning of thunderstorms, before his Mom called him in, he’d sit and start to hum melodies. His love for music blossomed, sparked by the bridge's magic and the harmonies of the storms. This was one of the way George began to be shaped by Astoria.

Early Years in Astoria